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Ivar Arosenius

NMH 61/2014Evil Powers, 1907

Ivar Axel Henrik Arosenius (October 8, 1878 – January 2, 1909 from the complications of haemophilia), was a Swedish painter and author of picture books. In the latter capacity he is most noted for the book Kattresan (The Cat Journey), which was published after his death. He lived in the village of Älvängen, north of Gothenburg. After his death, his house fell into disrepair and was finally demolished. He is buried at Östra kyrkogården in Gothenburg. - source

Ivar Arosenius - "Dödens död" (The death of death), 1903The Death of Death, 1903

Ivar Arosenius - A Secret, 1905A Secret, 1905

Ivar Arosenius - Princess Of The Troll, 1904Princess Of The Troll, 1904

Ivar Arosenius - Rumor ( Raiders of the city) 1905Rumor ( Raiders of the city) 1905

Ivar Arosenius - "Bachi sjö" (The Sea of Bacchus), 1906"Bachi sjö" (The Sea of Bacchus), 1906

Ivar Arosenius - Interior from a harem, 1903Interior from a harem, 1903

Ivar Arosenius - Backusfest, 1900Backusfest, 1900

Ivar Arosenius - Kärlekens duellanter, 1908Kärlekens duellanter (Love Duel), 1908

Ivar Arosenius - The Old KingThe Old King

Ivar Arosenius -Christmas Joy, 1905Christmas Joy, 1905  

Ivar Arosenius -"Människans promenad genom lifvet och deras olika sätt därunder fördriva tiden". Akvarell och tusch."Människans promenad genom lifvet och deras olika sätt därunder fördriva tiden". (Man's walk through life and their ways underneath pass the time.)
Ivar Aronsenius - The ghost of Varmland, 1903The ghost of Varmland, 1903

Ivar Arosenius - Figurkomposition, 1904Untitled, 1904

Ivar Arosenius - OgreOgre

Ivar Aronsenius - NirvanaNirvana

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Here's The Cat Journey:!/forfattare/AroseniusI/titlar/Kattresan/sida/1/faksimil
Don't miss the exploding cat on page 18.