Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Oskar Laske (1874-1951)

Oskar Laske - Pandora’s BoxPandora’s Box

Oskar Laske - Pharsalic Fields , 1919Pharsalic Fields , 1919

Oskar Laske - Witches' Sabbath, 1919Witches' Sabbath, 1919

Oskar Laske - Walpurgis Night, 1919Walpurgis Night, 1919

Oskar Laske - The Lamiai, 1919The Lamiai, 1919

Oskar Laske - Homunculus, 1919Homunculus, 1919

Oskar Laske - Fish Sermon, 1919Fish Sermon, 1919

A brief biography on the artist can be found here.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Reverend George Liddell Johnston - The Alphabet Illustrated, 1875

Reverend George Liddell Johnston - The Alphabet Illustrated, 10

Reverend George Liddell Johnston - The Alphabet Illustrated, 01

Reverend George Liddell Johnston - The Alphabet Illustrated, 08

Reverend George Liddell Johnston - The Alphabet Illustrated, 07

Reverend George Liddell Johnston - The Alphabet Illustrated, 06

Reverend George Liddell Johnston - The Alphabet Illustrated, 05

Reverend George Liddell Johnston - The Alphabet Illustrated, 04

Reverend George Liddell Johnston - The Alphabet Illustrated, 03

Reverend George Liddell Johnston - The Alphabet Illustrated, 02

Reverend George Liddell Johnston - The Alphabet Illustrated, 09

"Reverend Johnston seems to have been somewhat preoccupied with devils and demons, at least in his artistic life. This theme is articulated at the outset, in his limerick for the letter A:

A was a sage Alchemist
Whose brains had a bit of a twist
In his chemical revels
He conjured up devils
Creating a sulphurous mist.

Accordingly, devils of one kind or another serve as characters in many illustrations throughout the series. These include “The Blue” (a blue she-devil), “The Danseuse” (a dancing green she-devil wearing a dress featuring a series of dancing red devils embroidered into the border), a grog-guzzling devil, an ignus fatuus demon leading people astray, a devilish couple singing a duet by “X. Satani,” and so on."

quote and image source

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Acid Vomit! The Art of Sean Aaberg

Sean Äaberg - Kickstarter Image

My old friend and incredible artist Sean Äaberg, whose art you can see on the current Monster Brains header image, is running a Kickstarter for a book collecting his art of the last twenty years.

If you're a fan of grotesque monster filled imagery, this book belongs on your book shelf!


Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Nicolas Kalmakoff (1873 - 1955)

Nicolas Kalmakoff- Tailed Monster, 1927Tailed Monster, 1927

Nicolas Kalmakoff - Primate, 1927Primate, 1927

Nicolas Kalmakoff - The Sword Monster, 1927The Sword Monster, 1927

Nicolas Kalmakoff-Lángkard, 1927 Lángkard, 1927

Nicolas Kalmakoff - Flame V, 1927Flame V, 1927

Nicolas Kalmakoff - Ancestral Spirits, 1927Ancestral Spirits, 1927

Nicolas Kalmakoff - The Women of Nadjis - 1911The Women of Nadjis - 1911

Nicolas Kalmakoff - The Coronation - 1926The Coronation - 1926

Nicolas Kalmakoff - The Mysterious Appeal, 1924The Mysterious Appeal, 1924

Nicolas Kalmakoff - Three Women Riding a Mythical MonsterThree Women Riding a Mythical Monster

Artist previously shared here.

Marguerite Burnat-Provins (1872 - 1952)

Marguerite Burnat-Provins - Beings of the Abyss, 1921,Beings of the Abyss, 1921

Marguerite Burnat-Provins - LuciferLucifer

Marguerite Burnat-Provins - My Town, 1926My Town, 1926

"Marguerite Burnat-Provins (1872-1952) was born in Arras, in northern France. She was the eldest of seven children born to prosperous, cultured, middle class family. Indeed, her father encouraged her keen interest in writing and painting. In 1891 she left for Paris, where she followed arts-based curricula in various schools, since the École des beaux-arts did not yet admit women. At the age of twenty-four she married Adolphe Burnat-Provins, a Swiss architect she met in Paris, and the couple moved to Vevey, Adolphe's hometown. In 1898, on the advice of a friend, the painter Ernest Biéler, she started making regular trips to Savièse in the Valais to paint and write. The area's sunny climate was good for her fragile health and allowed her to develop her talent. Marguerite Burnat-Provins produced a number of paintings, embroideries and posters; she also pursued various literary projects.

In 1906 she met Paul de Kalbermatten, a young engineer from the Valais, with whom she had a passionate affair. This precipitated her divorce from Adolphe in 1908 and her marriage to Paul. The couple were living in Bayonne at the outbreak of the First World War; Paul was called up in Switzerland, while Marguerite remained in France. The war proved to be a hugely traumatic experience for Marguerite, inspiring her to undertake a completely new work, entitled Ma Ville. Painted ‘under dictation and not by deliberate design’, the compositions in Ma Ville are peopled by hybrid figures that are part-human, part-beast. She continued to develop this project right up until her death, while also publishing several books."

The quote source includes a small selection of other works by the artist here.
Artist found at The Cabinet of the Solar Plexus.

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Gahan Wilson

Gahan Wilson - 01

A GoFundMe fundraiser to help one of the world’s greatest living cartoonists Gahan Wilson's family admit him into a specialised 'memory care' assisted living facility has been launched.

"Gahan is suffering from severe dementia. We have helped him through the stages of the disease and he is currently not doing very well," said Paul Winters, Gahan's step-son. "My mother, and his wife of fifty three years, Nancy Winters, passed away on March 2, 2019. She was his rock. His guide through the world. While we all helped with his care, it was my mother who grounded him. He is currently distraught and out of sorts with the world."

You can help Gahan by contributing anything to his fundraiser here.

Gahan Wilson - 02

Gahan Wilson - 03

Gahan Wilson - 04

Gahan Wilson - 05

Gahan Wilson - 06

Gahan Wilson - 07

Gahan Wilson - 08

Gahan Wilson - 09

Gahan Wilson - 10

Gahan Wilson - 11

Gahan Wilson - 12

Gahan Wilson - 13

Gahan Wilson - 14

Gahan Wilson - 15

Gahan Wilson - 16

Gahan Wilson - 17

Gahan Wilson - 18

Gahan Wilson - 19

Gahan Wilson - 20

See more of Gahan's work at his official website.

You can play a puzzle solving video game titled "Ultimate Haunted House" from 1994 based on Gahan Wilson's art at Archive.org.