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Pierre Roche (1855-1922)

Pierre Roche - The Nightmare, 1895The Nightmare, 1895

Pierre Roche - Skinned Cat, 1895 Skinned Cat, 1895

Pierre Roche - Mélusine, 1900Mélusine, 1900

Pierre Roche - Siren, 1896Siren, 1896

Pierre Roche - The Medusa, 1912The Medusa, 1912

Pierre Roche - CentaurCentaur

Pierre Roche - The Palace of Dreams, 1909The Palace of Dreams, 1909

Pierre Roche - Apocalypse, 1901 - 22Apocalypse, 1901 - 22

Pierre Roche - La Délivrance, allegorical altarpiece, 1905-1911La Délivrance, allegorical altarpiece, 1905-1911

"This altarpiece, made of lead and bronze reliefs embedded in a large wooden structure and framing a plaster bust, shows the taste of Pierre Roche, artist solid scientific background for experimentation and invention of original processes and reflected his interest in the bas-relief and the links between architecture and sculpture. By 1904, the artist dedicated to victims of the Russo-Japanese war four visions that model the following year under the title of Pride, Envy, Wrath and Greed. They enlisted the three reliefs of La Gourmandise, of Lust and Sloth, and a bust of a woman with braided hair, the hands cut off at the wrist are pasted on the ears, and this has all seven deadly sins in 1905 under the title of Deliverance. In 1910, he will confront his allegorical during the Seven Works of Mercy. idealistic profession of faith and anti-determinist, this Symbolist Vision advocates prayer and introspection to escape the contingencies of everyday life and the bad influences of the outside world." - quote source

"Pierre Roche (Paris, 2 August 1855 - Paris, 18 January 1922), pseudonym of Fernand Massignon, was a French sculptor, painter, ceramist and medallist. He was the father to Louis Massignon.

Roche first studied medicine and chemistry in Paris, but then switched to studying painting at the Académie Julian 1873-1878 under Alfred Roll, and exhibited at the Paris Salon 1884-1889.

In 1888 Roche tried sculpture to compete for a monument to Georges Danton, leading to encouragement by sculptor and teacher Jules Dalou. He went on to produce a number of commissioned works, like the fountain April (1906) in the Musée Galliera gardens, and L'Effort (c.1898) in the Jardin du Luxembourg." - quote source

Images found at Gallica and Roubaix La Piscine.

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