Friday, July 15, 2016

Eduard Wiiralt (1898-1954)

Eduard Wiiralt - Hell, 1932Hell, 1932

Eduard Wiiralt - Cabaret, 1931Cabaret, 1931

Põrgu (Hell) 1983 from Aeron Alfrey on Vimeo.

 The above animation was created by Rein Raamat, also responsible for the previously shared animated short "Suur Tõll" made a few years prior to Põrgu.

"Põrgu (Hell) is an Estonian animation film by Rein Raamat, Tallinnfilm, 1983. So grotesque and sexual, this animation brings to life three infernally beautiful engravings –  ”The Preacher“, “Cabaret” and “Hell” – created by the Estonian artist Eduard Viiralt in the early 1930s.

Both the engravings and the animation film were created in the time of great uncertainties: in the 1930s Viiralt was reacting to the anticipation of the War; in the 1980s Raamat was having a presentiment of the chaos the USSR’s collapse would bring about. Both Raamat´s and Viiralt´s artworks depict a feast in the time of plague, indulging in surrealistically satirical representations of people’s vices." - quote source

Artworks found at Blouin Art Info and Ader Nordmann

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