Thursday, March 13, 2008

Georg Lemberger - Woodcut Illustrations to an unidentified New Testament edition. 1523

"The Star falling into the Pit of Hell and the Plague of Locusts; above an angel blowing a trumpet. On verso part of another illustration to the Apocalypse."

"The Beast with the Lamb's Horns and the Beast with Seven Heads."

"The angels emptying the seven vials; the beast of the apocalypse at lower r."

"The Angel locking the Beast in the Bottomless Pit for One Thousand Years; the angel holding a large key at centre, the beast sinking into the pit at r; landscape background. Illustration to an unidentified New Testament edition. c.1523 Woodcut"

"The Whore of Babylon; riding the seven-headed beast; at left a monk and a king adoring her."

Text and art found at the British Museum.

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