Thursday, March 13, 2008

Erhard Altdorfer - Apocalypse Illustrations for the Lübeck Bible, Woodcuts 1530-34

"The destruction of Gog and Magog; evil forces dressed as Turks in the foreground have been let loose after the beast's one thousand years of imprisonment, fire issuing from the clouds above is devouring the troups, who have been attacking 'the beloved city' here interpreted as Vienna with St Stephen and St. Maria am Gestade."

"The angel locking the dragon in the bottomless pit for one thousand years; carrying a large key and standing with one foot on the pit's shutter, rocky landscape and buildings in background."

"Recto: The Star falling into the Pit of Hell and the Plague of Locusts. Verso: The Four Angels of Death; in the clouds with their swords, underneath their cavalry on lion-headed horses."

"The Whore of Babylon; on the seven-headed beast and holding a goblet, in the foreground six figures in contemporary dress including a king and a monk."

"The Beast cast into the lake of fire; with knights on horseback and an angel above."

"The emptying of the Seven Vials."

Text and art found at the British Museum.

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