Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The School Of Bosch

Temptation of Saint Anthony in the style of Bosch.

The above is a tapestry concerning the Temptation of Saint Anthony, the artist is unknown but it is clear they were a follower of Bosch. Click here to see a larger version.

Hay wain in a globe after Hieronymus Bosch. This amazing tapestry is attributed to the Brussels Workshop and dated between 1550 and 1570. Click here to see a larger version.

The above painting and drawing are based on a lost Hieronymus Bosch painting. Fortunately we have this documentation of what the original looked like so that it isn't entirely lost.

Another copy of the Elephant painting with a slightly different composition. It is an engraving dating between 1552 - 1585.

Christ's Descent into Hell - Style of Hieronymus Bosch (Netherlandish, about 1550�60) "The panel was painted during a Bosch revival in the sixteenth century, when the artist's fiery scenes of hell were enormously popular throughout Europe, and especially in Italy, where they were prized for their nightmarish and visionary qualities. " - quote source.
I found this work while browsing Flickr.

"The Temptation of St. Anthony," School of Hieronymous Bosch, ca. 1550-1575.

Hell - Workshop Hieronymus Bosch(school) Oil on panel. 39.7x38.5 cm Netherlands. First decade of the 16th century.

The above painting and drawing are copies by Alaert du Hamel after Hieronymus Bosch's Last Judgement painting.

Artist attributed as Circle of Hieronymus Bosch, titled "A hell scene with a fish-monster with a wheel in its mouth, a barrel-creature and various other monsters, and figures undergoing a range of ordeals" - image source.

I don't know any details about this last one but if anyone knows who painted it I'd really like to know!

I've posted many artworks inspired by Bosch over the past few years, just type "bosch" into the search bar at the top to see them.

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