Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Johann Ulrich Krause - Hell

Johann Ulrich Krause - Hell


Li-An said...

The resizing may be coming from your theme you choose. If it does not resize them, it could be a great mess in your theme :-)

Aeron said...

Thanks, I need to look into it. I thought I had the default setting to include the largest size option but apparently not.

peacay said...

That's a fantastic picture Aeron, thanks very much. Do you know anything more about the background at all?

That image is 400px wide: that's the largest display from an upload. To get them bigger you have to strip out all the excess code - but that image is quite huge and would really disrupt the page I'd imagine (not that that matters), if you were to display it at full size.

Which would end up in this case simply as [img src=" xQwP8MNj0EA/Rsu83qLaMNI/ AAAAAAAACzk/6-kBSsqs7yo/s1600-h/ 004639.jpg"/]
with [ = < of course (and sans the spaces I inserted so it would display)

I narrowed my sidebar hoping to increase display size but ended up thinking it was too much work to strip out code and re-add attributes to bring it up to 500px or the like. Lazy is easier.

Anonymous said...

I think to close my site, and just let a link to your wonderful site.
Thank you very much for your work.