Saturday, August 25, 2007

Francois de Nome - Hell

I've posted this work before but it was a blurry cropping of the original painting. And unfortunately this copy too is a cropping as it has left out much of the right side of the painting that can be seen in the previous posted version. If someone knows where to find this incredible painting online without large chunks of it cut off I'd love to see it!

To see more paintings by this artist, most of which are fantastic depictions of architecture, check the Web Gallery of Art and Visipix. To access the largest sized images at Visipix you'll have to click the "fullscreen" link at the bottom of the image links, then in the upper right corner of the next page click the "good quality" image option.

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Paul Rumsey said...

Hi Aeron
You can find a small image of the entire picture,including a thin frame,if you search De Nome
I think I may prefer the picture cropped, the two large classical figures missing from the left are perhaps a distraction from the vista and details in the middle, and the right is mostly redundant darkness......
I have a large repro of it in my book on De Nome, but it is a bit pale and the contrasts in your copy are better and it is easier to see the details.