Thursday, April 12, 2007

Francois de Nome
The works of Nome are filled with fantastic architecture in spaces that resemble the landscapes of dreams. And while the elaborate, baroque and ruined architecture is generally at the forefront of the compositions, I have found a few paintings where something more sinister is on display.

The above oil painting titled "A Fantastic Architectural View" shows a crowd of people being dropped into a pit of hungry lions or dogs. Near the center of the ground you can see several of them sitting upright like gargoyles awaiting their meal, very disturbing.

This work titled "Les Enfers" is a great fantastical depiction of Hell in all it's demonic and tormented glory.

Additional works can be viewed here.
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vecchiobipede said...

thanks for the link

Paul Rumsey said...

Until recently Francois De Nome was known as Monsu Desiderio and his work was confused with that of another artist, Didier Barra, so you can find more of his work if you image search Monsu Desiderio. I have a great book on him (by Maria Rosaria Nappi, 1991) I thought it had all of his work, but that amazing picture of the pit with the dogs is not reproduced, so thanks Aeron! Paul.

Paul Rumsey said...

P.S. I found in my book a very similar picture called "Daniel in the lions den" and the picture that you reproduce is also called that on "biblical art . com" so they must be lions not dogs.....Paul.

aeron said...

Your welcome, vecchiobipede. Thanks for the links at your site as well. And thanks for the name tip, Paul. I'll have to do some more searching.