Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fighting Fantasy

The above paintings are all covers from an RPG book series titled Fighting Fantasy which was published from 1982 through 95. It was designed for single players, similar to the Zork or Choose Your Own Adventure series. But unlike those series of books Fighting Fantasy used a dice system for combat and other situations. Read more about the book series here. The official website for Fighting Fantasy can be found here. This list shows all of the artists that contributed to the book series, the Ian Miller ones should be obvious.

Tomorrow I'll be posting more art associated with this series.


Unknown said...

The third image was from my early favourite entitled "Deathtrap Dungeon", and it's by illustrator Ian McCaig, who has since been instrumental in concepts and artwork for Harry Potter and Star Wars (he apparently came up with the designs for Darth Maul and Queen Amidala).

Glorb said...

Deathtrap dungeon was really hard, because you can't cheat when you're stuck in a maze full of monsters.

I had forgotten all that wonderful images I've been dreamin on for years.

Awesome blog !

Anonymous said...

All my childhood... Yes, the Deathtrap Dungeon ( Le Labyrinthe de la Mort, excusez du peu! ) was very hard, and the monster on the cover was so cute.