Thursday, August 02, 2007

More Fighting Fantasy

The cover to a Fighting Fantasy magazine cover titled Wizard, looks like the crate monster from Creepshow. More covers from this magazine can be found here.

Above is a Lovecraft inspired piece of art from the Fighting Fantasy series found in this gallery.

Another Fighting Fantasy book cover. See more examples of this book cover here.

The top few black and white drawings were made for a Fighting Fantasy book titled "Blood Bones" more of which can be seen in this gallery at Fighting Fantasy Collector. The color painting isn't part of the Fighting Fantasy books but is one of my favorite works by the artist. You can see more of Tony Hough's art in this gallery or on his official website here.

Above are sketches by Ian Miller for various Fighting Fantasy book covers. See more here. See more Fighting Fantasy book covers here and here.


Anonymous said...

The first cover is actually identical to the uriah heep "abominog" album.

Tony Hough said...

Thanks very much for your comments on my work and the link to my galleries - much appreciated!
All the best from
Tony Hough

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way the Abominog artwork was done by Les Edwards: