Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Legendary Creatures Of Japan

Strange Japanese beasts from the Wikipedia Commons gallery.


Anonymous said...

have you seen obakemono.com ? A nicely illustrated encyclopedia of these creatures! :)

Aeron said...

Yeah, that's a great site. I'm a huge fan of Yokai. I've scratched the surface here and there on the mythos of Japanese ghosts, demons, monsters in past posts. Sometime down the road I'd like to do a huge post, maybe a few weeks worth of material, on Japanese monsters. It's an incredibly fascinating subject. I'm always amazed at the diversity of unusual characters used in old Japanese ghost tales.

Adam said...

My girlfriends is bringing me home an encyclopedia of Japanese ghouls from Japan, so maybe I can scan some stuff and send it your way.

Also, I put a bug drawing on my website that you might like.