Monday, July 30, 2007

Dragon Magazine #96 Cover

I'm downloading this giant (9.84 gigs) worth of Dungeons and Dragons magazines to pick through for a later post but for now enjoy this very surreal cover of a bizarre dragon machine. Below is a similar machine, I lost track of the origins although the artist name is likely somewhere on the wing.


Adam said...

I cannot wait for this post.

Paul Rumsey said...

The siege tower in the shape of a dragon is a later copy from a woodcut in Roberto Valturio's "De re militari" which has 82 woodcuts of military machines. Paul.

Aeron said...

Adam, I'm really digging the new stuff you've been working on at your blog. I'm going to have to do another shout out about your incredible ink drawings.

And thanks Paul, I should have known you'd come through on that one. I gotta go search out more work from this peculiar woodcut series.