Saturday, October 05, 2019

George Dance the Younger (1741 - 1825)

The Devil appearing to a seated man

'The Syren'

Scene with a skeleton appearing to a figure in bed

'The Arimarpian'

Man sitting at a table with a skeleton

Howcommumariums with their trusty steed

A skeleton and two figures in a Gothic building

Four imaginary creatures

A ghost appearing to a man in bed

Crowned man riding a dragon and a man clinging to a flying se...

A ghost appearing to a group of figures

'A Non-Descript'

A Scorpionical horned Offingoffle saluting a Billantail of hi...

Crowned man on a dragon with a flying genii holding a torch

See more drawings by the artist here.

Artworks found at the Royal Academy of Arts.

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