Thursday, December 20, 2018

Roj Friberg (1934 - 2016)

 Roj Friberg - Demons, 1982

Roj Friberg - Faces

Roj Friberg - Scenographic image, 1977

Roj Friberg - Title Unknown, 4

Roj Friberg - Title Unknown, 6

Roj Friberg - Title Unknwon

Roj Friberg - Title Unknown, 3

Roj Friberg - Andeplasma, 1978

Roj Friberg - Mixed Company, 1996

Roj Friberg - Big Crowd, 1993-1994

Roj Friberg - The Junta, 1974

Roj Friberg - Title Unknown, 8

Roj Friberg - Guest Booth, 1984

Roj Friberg - The Gathering, 1988

Roj Friberg - The Underground, 1992

Roj Friberg - Demon Companions, 1987

Roj Friberg - Untitled, 1995

Roj Friberg - Greenlandic everyday life, 1992

Roj Friberg - The Balcony, 1988

Roj Friberg - The Ghost Sonata 6

Roj Friberg - On the Balcony, 1989

Roj Friberg - Landscape With Cadaver

Roj Friberg - Title Unknown, 7

Roj Friberg - Trollhattan, Vanersborg and Uddevalla

Roj Friberg - Farjelagel 2008

Roj Friberg - The Ghost Sonata 10

Roj Friberg - Untitled, 2001

Roj Friberg - Untitled, 2001 (2)

Roj Friberg - From Borglandet, 1975

Roj Friberg - Landscape With Collapsed Bridge, 1981

Roj Friberg - Tristan and Isolde

Roj Friberg - Title Unknown, 9

Roj Friberg - TItle Unknown, 1986

Roj Friberg - The Reichstag House in Berlin, 2000

Roj Friberg - Steering Machinery, 1990

"The painter confirmed one of my impressions from his paintings: as he works he is indeed conscious of an approaching ecological catastrophe — of a poisoning that not only reaches down to the roots of trees, but that enters into our houses and our dreams.  To do harm to the foundation of one’s being is to perpetrate a moral harm that etches its way not only into public discourse but into language itself.  And, one might add here, into his pictorial world of decaying salons, crackling facades and eroding statues.  It is as though time itself is corroding the motifs in his paintings, time that is running out." - quote source

While not in English, this 8 minute feature on the Swedish artist reveals shots of his art studio and some of his sculptural works.

An hour long documentary on the artist is available for purchase and streaming on Vimeo.

Artworks found at Bukowskis and Dr. Tenge


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