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Gustave Adolf Mossa (1883 - 1971)

 Gustave Adolf Mossa - Satiated Siren, 1905Satiated Siren, 1905

Gustav Adolf Mossa - The Gorgon, 1917 The Gorgon, 1917

Gustave Adolf Mossa - The Irony of Salome, 1905The Irony of Salome, 1905

Gustave Adolf Mossa - Elle, 1906Elle, 1906

Gustav Adolf Mossa - Salome, 1917Salome, 1917

Gustav Adolf Mossa - Hamlet and the Skull, 1909Hamlet and the Skull, 1909

Gustave Adolf Mossa - Sea Nymph, 1909Sea Nymph, 1909

Gustave Adolf Mossa - A Carcass, 1906A Carcass, 1906

Gustave Adolf Mossa - A Carcass, detail, 1906A Carcass, detail, 1906

Gustave Adolf Mossa - The Ephebe and the Tarasque, 1912The Ephebe and the Tarasque, 1912

Gustav Adolf Mossa - Paradise and the PeriParadise and the Peri

Gustav Adolf Mossa - Adam and Eve, 1910Adam and Eve, 1910

Gustave Adolf Mossa - The Dead Woman, 1920The Dead Woman, 1920

Gustave-Adolphe Mossa - Circe, 1904Circe, 1904

Gustav Adolf MossaTitle Unknown

Gustav Adolf Mossa - Parade Design 1Parade Design 1

Gustav Adolf Mossa - Parade Design 2Parade Design 2

Gustav Adolf Mossa - Parade Design 3Parade Design 3

"The main body of Mossa's public and private art work was created with water colours and strong ink lines, the subjects including caricatures, Carnival or medieval scenes, portraits and landscapes, with a fascination for the French Riveria in particular.  He also created wooden reliefs, designed theater scenery, wrote literary essays and created book illustrations, including a large series of drawings for the work of Robert Schumann.

In 1902 he began collaborating with his father on the Nice Carnival project, designing floats and posters. Both father and son are still celebrated for raising the Carnival's prestige, and the event continues to be a major, large scale tourism attraction in Nice." - quote source Wikipedia

A gallery of photos from the Nice Carnival in France with works inspired by the art of Mossa can be found here. 

Image sources include Sothebys and Jean-Henri Manara.

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