Friday, July 28, 2017

Anton Machek (1886 - 1944)

Anton Machek - The Incantation, 1931The Incantation, 1931

Anton Machek - Witch, 1928Witch, 1928

Anton Machek - The Ghost, 1934The Ghost, 1934

Anton Machek - The Preparer, 1929The Preparer, 1929

Anton Machek - Insect Dystrophy, 1928Insect Dystrophy, 1928

Anton Machek - The Garden Of The Quales, 1932The Garden Of The Quales, 1932

Anton Machek - Rejuvenation Mill, 1931Rejuvenation Mill, 1931

Anton Machek - Mask Fest On The Ice, 1929Mask Fest On The Ice, 1929

Artworks originally published in the German magazine Jugend. 

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goblin said...

Some of those title translations are wrong:

The Preparer (Der Präparator) = The Taxidermist

Insect Dystrophy (Insektenschlacht) = Insect Battle, or Battle of the Insects

The Garden of the Quales (Der Garten der Qualen) = The Garden of Agony