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Julius Diez (1870 - 1957)

Julius Diez - John Bull's Dream, 1917John Bull's Dream, 1917

Julius Diez - The Marriage, 1912The Marriage, 1912

Julius Diez - British Profithunger, 1914British Profithunger, 1914
 Julius Diez - Germany and It's Fiend, 1914Germany and It's Fiend, 1914
 Julius Diez - The Unsatisfied Field, 1902The Unsatisfied Field, 1902
 Julius Diez - The American Sea Serpent, 1903The American Sea Serpent, 1903

Julius Diez - DemonDemon
 Julius Diez - European Sabbath, 1917European Sabbath, 1917
 Julius Diez - The Tribute, 1904The Tribute, 1904
 Julius Diez - Christening For Chamberlain, 1902Christening For Chamberlain, 1902
 Julius Diez - The Snake In Paradise, 1917The Snake In Paradise, 1917

Julius Diez - Donauſtrudel, 1902Donauſtrudel, 1902

Julius Diez - Mammon, 1917Mammon, 1917
 Julius Diez - The Uninvited Guest, 1905The Uninvited Guest, 1905
 Julius Diez - Under Mars Diplomats, 1917Under Mars Diplomats, 1917
 Julius Diez - Nasseliebe, 1905Nasseliebe, 1905
 Julius Diez - Saint George and the Dragon, 1902Saint George and the Dragon, 1902

Julius Diez - The Waffermann, 1924jpgThe Waffermann, 1924
Julius Diez - Illustration from Art Nouveau Book, 1920Illustration from Art Nouveau Book, 1920
 Julius Diez - Dolomitic Fairy Tales, 1903Dolomitic Fairy Tales, 1903
 Julius Diez - Dragon Variations, 1922Dragon Variations, 1922

Julius Diez - Zeppelin And Island TurtleZeppelin And Island Turtle
 Julius Diez - The English Baralong Note, 1916 The English Baralong Note, 1916

"Julius Diez (born 18 September 1870 in Nuremberg, died May 15, 1957 in Munich) was a German painter, graphic artist, draftsman and etcher. He was a versatile artist and worked with bright and decorative effects. His work includes works of art, medals, plaques and ex-libris.

Diez was the son of a merchant and the nephew of the painter Wilhelm von Diez. He studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Munich and the Kunstakademie in Munich with Gabriel von Hackl and Rudolf von Seitz. At both institutes, he later taught himself as a professor.

Already at a young age, Diez was one of the chief illustrators of the magazine Die Jugend, but also worked for the magazine Simplicissimus. For the publishing house Schafstein & Co. (later Schaffstein) he illustrated the picture book Miaulina (1902) and produced pictures of Knecht Ruprecht, Hänschen to the Santa Claus and the faithful Eckart. In 1904, Julius Diez took part in the first exhibition of the German Artists' Union at the Königliche Kunstausstellungsgebäude am Königsplatz in Munich with "Im Irrgarten" (pastel), "Der Kuppler" (watercolor), "Uninvited Guest" (color pencil drawing) " In the following year, he won one of two second prizes in the price list for advertisements for the joint promotion of the chocolate factory Gebr. Stollwerck AG and the champagne cellar Henkell & Co .."
- quotation translated from the German biography on the artist at Wikipedia.

Most artworks included here were originally published in the German art magazine Jugend.

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