Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sean Äaberg's Dungeon Degenerates - HAND OF DOOM Fantasy Board Game

Sean Äaberg - Dungeon Degenerates, Hand of Doom Cover

Sean Äaberg - Dungeon Degenerates Maze

Sean Äaberg - Dungeon Degenerates, THE WURSTREICH

Sean Äaberg - Dungeon Degenerates, Temple of Madness

Sean Äaberg - Dungeon Degenerates, Box Contents

"Dungeon Degenerates is a fantasy adventure board game from Goblinko. Blending a Dark & Dirty Old School role playing game aesthetic with an easy to learn, fast-moving & engaging board game system, Dungeon Degenerates delivers the dark fantasy adventure you want, when you want it. Players choose between four adventuring Degenerates who have been imprisoned for various crimes of survival. As they make their way out of Brüttelberg into the decaying Eastern provinces of the Würstreich they must find their way, taking on strange & dangerous adventures & fighting against the corruption & decadence that have set into the land. Monsters, cultists, witches, demons & wizards have taken advantage of the rot & are encroaching on civilization. As if that wasn’t enough, the Necromancer’s Hand of Doom points down on the land & disrupts the natural order with Hellish resolve."

Further details about the game can be found at its press release at Goblinko.  A selection of monsters from the game were previously shared on Monster Brains.

The kickstarter for Sean Äaberg's Dungeon Degenerates board game started yesterday and in that time it has amassed 25 of its 35 thousand goal, so it's safe to say this thing is getting made.

 If you would like to contribute to the kickstarter and pick up your own copy of Dungeon Degenerates,  you can find it here.

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