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Antonio Rodríguez Luna (1910 -1985)

Antonio Rodriguez Luna - The Carlist Militiaman, 1937The Carlist Militiaman, 1937

Antonio Rodríguez Luna - The Dictator, 1937The Dictator, 1937

Antonio Rodríguez Luna - The Falangist, 1937The Falangist, 1937

Antonio Rodríguez Luna - The Inquisition [of the Church, 1937The Inquisition [of the Church, 1937

Antonio Rodríguez Luna - Land-Owner, 1938Land-Owner, 1938

Antonio Rodríguez Luna - Andalusian Land-Owner. 1937-38Andalusian Land-Owner. 1937-38

Antonio Rodríguez Luna - Barcelona Air Raid, 1938Barcelona Air Raid, 1938

Antonio Rodríguez Luna - Homage to Bécquer, 1936Homage to Bécquer, 1936

Antonio Rodríguez Luna - The Fifth Column, 1938The Fifth Column, 1938

Antonio Rodríguez Luna - The War, 1938The War, 1938

Antonio Rodríguez Luna - They Also Give Land to the Peasants, 1937They Also Give Land to the Peasants, 1937

Antonio Rodríguez Luna - Oviedo Prison, 1934Oviedo Prison, 1934

Antonio Rodríguez Luna - Air Raid on Colmenar Viejo, 1937Air Raid on Colmenar Viejo, 1937

"Antonio Rodríguez Luna (July 22, 1910 – 1985) was a Spanish painter who developed most of his career while in exile in Mexico during the Spanish Civil War. He began his career young, while still studying in Madrid and before the war had already exhibited in various places in Europe. His opposition to Francisco Franco, forced him into exile, with intellectuals and artists in the country arranging his asylum. His career here included a Guggenheim Fellowship with major exhibitions in Washington DC and New York along with exhibitions at the Museo de Arte Moderno and the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico. Despite his success, he never forgot his Spanish roots, with an exhibition in Madrid in 1971 and a return to his hometown of Montoro in 1981, after the death of Franco." - quote source

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The first artwork "The Carlist Militiaman" was scanned by myself several years ago from a book I've since forgotten the name of.

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