Thursday, January 28, 2016

Monster Brains Logos

Matt Furie - Monster Brains Logo 1 Matt Furie
  MONSTER BRAINS LOGO - Johnny Ryan Johnny Ryan 

  MONSTER BRAINS LOGO - Aleksandra Waliszewska Aleksandra Waliszewska

  MONSTER  BRAINS LOGO - AERON ALFREY ESIGN Aeron Alfrey - Artwork taken from The Black Scorpion Poster.

MONSTER BRAINS LOGO - John Kenn Mortensen John Kenn Mortensen

  MONSTER BRAINS LOGO - Trevor Henderson Trevor Henderson

  MONSTER BRAINS LOGO - Marcus Shafer Marcus Shafer


  MONSTER BRAINS LOGO - Fufu Frauenwahl Fufu Frauenwahl

 And there is the new one at the top of the site created by Michael Skattum.

This week marks the ten year anniversary of Monster Brains so now is as good a time as any to share some of the amazing logos that Monster Brains has had over the years. Many incredible artists have contributed their own logos and I've included links to their various sites alongside their artworks.

If you appreciate Monster Brains and the work that I put into the thousands of artworks shared over the past ten years, if you anticipate the hundreds of future posts that I have in various stages of planning, please donate whatever you can. It will be greatly appreciated and every dollar donated makes it easier for me to take the time to work on the site.

The donation button can be found on the top right of the site.

Thank you! I look forward to many more years of discovering and sharing the more obscure and fascinating artists associated with the genre of monsters.


x said...

Love, love, love. Congrats on ten years.

Ze [] said...

Kudos from Caracas.

Nevets said...

proud to follow !
make stickers and patches of the logos please I would like to rock them

Mr Lucky Doubles said...

Ten years - amazing! I think I've been following you for most of those years. You do astounding work.