Friday, December 18, 2015

Karl Arnold

Karl Arnold - Overeating, 1925Overeating, 1925

Karl Arnold - Coal Shortage Everywhere, 1919Coal Shortage Everywhere, 1919

Karl Arnold - Pan Asian Movement, 1934Pan Asian Movement, 1934

Karl Arnold - Listen, diplomats , and let me tell you, 1934Listen, diplomats , and let me tell you, 1934

Karl Arnold - Air Agreement, 1935Air Agreement, 1935

Karl Arnold - Disturbed Martians, 1936Disturbed Martians, 1936

Karl Arnold - Hollywood and Russian Cinema, 1929Hollywood and Russian Cinema, 1929

Karl Arnold - Universal, Equal and Secret Suffrage in Lithuania, 1936Universal, Equal and Secret Suffrage in Lithuania, 1936

Karl Arnold - The Large Frassäh, 1931The Large Frassah, 1931

Karl Arnold - Pariser Greuelzeichner, 1923Pariser Greuelzeichner, 1923

Karl Arnold - British Crusade, 1941British Crusade, 1941

Karl Arnold - USA. Supplies To England, 1941USA. Supplies To England, 1941

Karl Arnold - The Rats Are Leaving The Dirt, 1941The Rats Are Leaving The Dirt, 1941

Karl Arnold - War Walpurgisnacht, 1918War Walpurgisnacht, 1918

Karl Arnold - Albion , Ruler of the Seas, 1940Albion , Ruler of the Seas, 1940

Karl Arnold - Conclusion of the Geneva Disarmament Commission, 1928Conclusion of the Geneva Disarmament Commission, 1928

Karl Arnold - English Rumor Offensive, 1918English Rumor Offensive, 1918

Karl Arnold - Playing In The Mediterranean Waves, 1937Playing In The Mediterranean Waves, 1937

Karl Arnold - The Ozeanflug season begins!, 1928The Ozeanflug season begins!, 1928

Karl Arnold - Maskerade, 1937Maskerade, 1937

Karl Arnold - Il Fascio, 1926Il Fascio, 1926

Karl Arnold - Sea Snakes, 1934Sea Snakes, 1934

Karl Arnold - Mors britannica, 1940Mors britannica, 1940

Karl Arnold - Process Of international Arms Industry, 1934Process Of international Arms Industry, 1934

Karl Arnold - A Royal Lie, 1940A Royal Lie, 1940

Karl Arnold - La civilisation en marche, 1920La civilisation en marche, 1920

"Karl Arnold was trained as a painter. His first cartoons appeared in German magazines such as Die Jugend and Die Illustrierte Presse. In 1907 he started contributing to Simplicissimus. He soon became a staff artist and a shareholder in the magazine. The magazine gave its full support to the World War I effort and the magazine led the campaign against the Versailles Treaty.

Arnold didn't only produce cartoons and illustrations, but also some comics. Fully opposed against Adolf Hitler, many of the German artists of the time portrayed Hitler as dangerous. Arnold however just made him look silly.

When the Nazis gained power in 1933 stormtroopers arrived at the offices of Simplicissimus and some of the cartoonists, such as Thomas Heine and Walter Trier left the country but Arnold carried on working at the magazine and during the second World War produced pro-Hitler cartoons. After the war he emigrated to the United States where he lived until his death in 1953." - quote source

All of Karl Arnold's artworks published in Simplicissimus can be found here.

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