Friday, March 29, 2013

George Du Maurier - A Little Christmas Dream, 1868

George Du Maurier - A Little Christmas Dream (Punch Magazine, December 26th, 1868) "The Little Christmas Dream"December 26th 1968, p.272 Still related distantly to the Tenniel Jabberwocky,this is a genuinely frightening vision of terror in the streets when snow sticks to your boots. "Mr.L.Figuier, in the Thesis which precedes his interesting work on the world before the Flood condemns the practice of awakening the youthful mind to admiration by means of fables and Fairy Tales, and recommends in lieu thereof, the study of the Natural History of the World in which we live" Here is the result on the youthful mind."

Illustration originally published in the December 26th, 1868 edition of Punch Magazine.
Scan and quotation found thanks to this assortment of Maunier's work.

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