Saturday, June 09, 2012

Saul Chernick - Drawing from the Bestiary

Saul Chernick - In the Fray
"Drawing from the Bestiary: Animal Anatomy of Real and Imagined Creatures," Class with Artist Saul Chernick at Observatory located in Brooklyn New York. Classes take place between June 25 through July 16.

  "A new class developed specially for The Morbid Anatomy Art Academy by one of our favorite artists, Saul Chernick. This class will teach students--via illustrated lectures and in-class projects including paper puppets and the creation of bestiary pages--"to use observational and imaginative drawing skills in tandem to capture the essential qualities of their subject" and "learn to draw animals (real, mythic, and otherwise) with greater skill and sensitivity." - quote source

Visit this page at Observatory for additional details concerning the class.

See more of Saul's artwork at his site.

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