Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Moebius - Martian Wildlife

Moebius - Martian 1

Moebius - Martian 2

Moebius - Martian 3

Moebius - Martian 4

Moebius - Martian 5

Artworks found thanks to Mister Jacq.

Moebius - Random Artworks
Time Masters (Rene Laloux / Moebius)
Moebius - 40 Days In The Desert (Excerpt)
Moebius Trading Cards
Moebius Alien Designs For The Abyss
Moebius Documentary


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Anonymous said...

good compil, some i didnt know and i believed i knew nearly all of him. what is always stunning it's the neat view he had of his composition
nice job you do yourself