Friday, February 10, 2012

Extraterrestrials, 1975

Extraterrestrial 1

Extraterrestrial 2

Extraterrestrial 3

Extraterrestrial 4

Here's an assortment of obscure alien illustrations (some originating in film and American cryptozoology) from a Japanese magazine for children dated back to 1975.

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Justin S. Davis said...

It is AWESOME seeing the likes of The Flatwoods Monster, Mothman, and the Hopkinsville goblins done up in the Japanese style.

Man. I used to devour those UFO cryptid books as a kid.

Anonymous said...

Very strange, but very good. Thanks.

Scott Hamilton said...

Which ones are from movies? I don't recognize any of them from specific movies. I kinda suspect these are all based on alleged eyewitness sightings. Before Close Encounters of the Third Kind aliens were a pretty diverse bunch. That movie really helped the "Grey" take over the popular conception of an alien.

Willard Herman said...


'Nuff said! (^_____^)

VBERKVLT said...

Great stuff!