Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Franz Sedlacek

Franz Sedlacek - Moulage Studio, 1932Moulage Studio, 1932

Franz Sedlacek - Nocturnal homecoming, 1927Nocturnal Homecoming, 1927

Franz Sedlacek - Fanciful Ink Drawing II, 1931Fanciful Ink Drawing II, 1931

Franz Sedlacek - Song in the Twilight, 1931Song in the Twilight, 1931

Franz Sedlacek - The Audit, 1913The Audit, 1913

Franz Sedlacek - The Unicorn, 1925The Unicorn, 1925

Franz Sedlacek - The Moon Calf, 1936The Moon Calf, 1936

Franz Sedlacek - Double Heads, 1933Double Heads, 1933

Franz Sedlacek, The Sad Family, 1935The Sad Family, 1935

Franz Sedlacek - Flower Piece, 1922Flower Piece, 1922

Franz Sedlacek - Ghost With Butcher Knife, 1934Ghost With Butcher Knife, 1934

Franz Sedlacek - Imaginary Heads, Study, 1936
Imaginary Heads, Study, 1936

While there is unfortunately no Franz Sedlacek website that I can direct you to, all images were found in half a dozen different places, there is a brief biography on the artist at Wikipedia, read it here.

Also, if anyone knows where I might find the top painting "Moulage Studio" and the third artwork "Fanciful Ink Drawing II" at a higher resolution, please share in the comments, thanks!


Cordell said...

Incredible man, I love this blog!

Ernest said...

cool !!!

Pam Morris said...

wow...amazing art and how cool that's it's dated early 1900's.

Marcel Ruijters said...

Stunning. Some pieces remid me of the genious of Alfred Kubin, but this guy was completely unknown to me.

Kerry Maxwell said...

A Flickr set of fairly small images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kraftgenie/sets/72157624164663823/

Victor Von Dave said...

I've never seen Sedalcek's work before, but it immediately reminded me of Erol Otus (the early D&D illustrator).
I wonder if there's any connection there (perhaps Otus saw some of Sedalcek's work and was inspired), or if it's just a coincidence.