Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Hildebrandt Brothers

Tim Hildebrandt - A Firepit, Realms of Wonder calendar illustration, 1983

Tim Hildebrandt - Demon Swamp, 1983

Greg and Tim Hildebrandt - Untitled

Tim Hildebrandt - The Dragonbards book cover, 1988

Tim Hildebrandt - Tripod Trilogy Book One: The White Mountains Cover Original Art (1991)

Greg and Tim Hildebrandt - Battle with Red Sea Beast Painting Original Art (1982).

Greg and Tim Hildebrandt - The Dark Tower

Tim and Greg Hildebrandt - Shelob, Lord Of The Rings

Tim and Greg Hildebrandt - City of the Ringwraiths, Lord Of The Rings

Tim and Greg Hildebrandt - Balrog, Lord Of The Rings

Greg and Tim Hildebrandt - Pixie Flight (undated)

Tim Hildebrandt - Emissaries of the Dragon Lord

Tim Hildebrandt - Sorcerers Cauldron

Tim Hildebrandt - The Wizards Spire

Tim Hildebrandt -  The Dragon's Keep

Tim Hildebrandt, 1987

Tim Hildebrandt, 1988

Greg Hildebrandt - "Perseus and Andromeda" (Simon and Schuster, 1984)

Tim Hildebrandt - The Deadly Spawn (21st Century, 1983).

Hildebrandt, 1981

Tim Hildebrandt - The Secret of NIMH (MGM/UA, 1982)

Tim and Greg Hildebrandt - Star Wars

Greg and Tim Hildebrandt - Clash Of The Titans Poster, 1981


migellito said...

Several of these are entirely new to me. Thank you!!

Randroid said...

Beautiful stuff! The Tripods painting is especially favored...

AC'63 said...

I still have my Star Wars poster that the brothers did. Thank you for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

What in heck are these guys smokin???

Paul Tinker said...

I absolutely love this blog!

Major Pepperidge said...

Neat! My friend owns the original "Secret of Nimh" painting, it's even more amazing in person.

Billiam Babble said...

Wow. Thanks for posting these. This artist seriously contributed to the fantasy genre aesthetic!
Loving all of the Lord of the Rings pictures.

BLACKTR0N said...

They did the Nimh poster? I always loved those Don Bluth posters. A shame they don't use them for the DVD covers at all.

Joe Greenlee said...

I am so taken aback by the Clash of the Titans art. Thank you so much. CoT was my favorite movie as a child and yet I have never seen these.