Monday, October 31, 2011

Eerie Publications

Tales From The Crypt - Issue 1 (Eerie Publications, July 1968)

Happy Halloween! On this day of monsters at The House of Monster Brains I offer you the many grotesque and creature ridden covers of Eerie Publications, enjoy!

Witches' Tales
Tales of Voodoo
Terror Tales
Tales From The Tomb
Horror Tales

"Eerie Publications was a publisher of black-and-white horror-anthology comics magazines. Less well-known and more downscale than the field's leader, Warren Publishing (Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella), the New York City-based company was one of several related publishing ventures run by comic-book artist and 1970s magazine entrepreneur Myron Fass. Titles published during their 15 years of operation included Weird, Horror Tales, Terror Tales, Tales from the Tomb, Tales of Voodoo, and Witches' Tales. All of these magazines featured grisly, lurid color covers.

New material was mixed with reprints from 1950s pre-Comics Code horror comics. Writer/artist credits seldom appeared, but included Marvel Comics penciller/inkers Dick Ayers and Chic Stone, as well as Fass himself, with brother Irving Fass and Ezra Jackson serving as art directors. Long-time Golden Age comics producer Robert W. Farrell had the title of publisher. Golden Age great Carl Burgos, creator of the original Human Torch, was editor;" - quote source

A recently published book on Eerie Publications titled "The Weird World of Eerie Publications: Comic Gore That Warped Millions of Young Minds" is available through Amazon here.

And I couldn't finish this series of posts without mentioning the amazing animated short bringing to life so many of the fantastically grotesque, colorful and bizarre creatures from these monster infested comic covers.

This animated short was created by Jason of Scar Stuff. See the original post here.

And yes, I shared this video one year ago today.


Yellow Phantom said...

Thanks for all the GREAT covers.

Happy Halloween!

Jesús Torrealba said...

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Charles Fish III said...

These are absolutely astonishing !!! Thanks so much for the galleries ! The colors, the monsters, the misogyny ! This is such a great site !

Charles Fish III said...

Seeing these triggered a buried memory from the late sixties or early seventies of a mag cover with Nazis and blondes in bondage. Not sure it was a horror title, but I remember circling the store several time, too embarrassed to ask my mom to buy it for me ! Thanks for the flashback !

Amie said...

:O These look amazing. Can you still get these??

vladimir vasiljevic said...

Excellent image. I just recalled some of the days.