Monday, September 19, 2011

Kenneth J. Reeve - Fantastic Adventures, July 1939

Kenneth J. Reeve - Fantastic Adventures, July 1939

I despise the lightbox feature that blogger has forced on all of its sites. The above image is a good example of how their annoying tweaks to all of blogger messes up the intent of my site. The above image is much larger and I go to great pains to acquire as high resolution images as I possibly can to give to you, meanwhile their lightbox feature actually shrinks its viewing size. I'm holding off on cutting it out of the code of the site until I see if they give the option to remove it without my taking it out manually and possibly screwing up some of the blog in the process.

I'm delaying all future posts that take up more than a few images until this is sorted out.

Also, to those who don't like the new larger format, I'm working on putting in a liquid image design and elastic template that will shrink depending on screen size. Ideally, I'd like the site to function like this. Stretch your browser window left and right to see how it changes in size. If anyone is familiar with coding liquid image design, please contact me at evilenergy at


Stefan Poag said...

I usually end up downloading images I like for future reference, so I don't mind bigger (in fact, it's probably a plus). The lightbox doesn't bother me (since I can right click and 'download as' and it seems to save a larger version of the same) except when I look at some of the blogs I follow where they reprint classic comics --- then the lightbox is uaually too small for me to see the details or read the pages.
This picture is just the best BTW. It has all my favorite elements: sexy girl, tentacle monster with a demon face and daisies growing out of its head, laboratory and a cave all rendered in B&W with zip-a-tone. PERFECT!

SilentHillAsylum said...

Same here, I keep entire folders of all this stuff, so the bigger format is not a bother to me either.
I noticed that when you click on a picture, it does get smaller, but there is a small link in the lower lefthand corner of the screen that brings you to a new page with just the pic, and you can enlarge it just by clicking it once.

dogspunk said...

I usually read my blogs in google reader, which bypasses the lightbox thingie. I wouldn't have even known about it if it wasn't for bloggers mentioning it!