Thursday, July 14, 2011

Edmund Dulac

Edmund Dulac - "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp" from Sindbad the Sailor and other Stories from The Arabian Nights (1914)

Edmund Dulac - 'As she rose up through clouds there passed one she knew by his tail to be Dahnash.' illustration to the story "Dahnash and Meymooneh" from Princess Badoura (1913)

Edmund Dulac - "And there in its midst stood a  mighty Genie." Illustration from The Fisherman and the Genie' found in Stories from The Arabian Nights (1907)

Edmund Dulac - 'The Princess burns the Elfrite to death', original for illustration to The Story of the Three Calendars from Sinbad the Sailor and other stories from the Arabian Nights (Hodder & Stoughton, 1914)

Edmund Dulac - 'The eagle in the great forest flew swiftly,  but the Eastwind flew more swiftly still.'  from the story "The Garden of Paradise" in Stories from Hans Andersen (1911)

Edmund Dulac - A Serbian Fairy Tale: The Episode of the the Snake (France, c.1914)

Edmund Dulac - 'The Episode of the Rokh'  from Sindbad the Sailor and other Stories from The Arabian Nights (1914)

Edmund Dulac -  "Even Death himself listened to the song  and said, "Go on, little nightingale,  go on!" from the story "The Nightingale"  found in "Stories from Hans Andersen" (1911)

Edmund Dulac - 'Full fathom five thy father lies;  Of his bones are coral made;  Those are pearls that were his eyes.' illustration from The Tempest (1908)

Edmund Dulac - 'The Haunted Palace' from "The Bells and Other Poems" (1912)

Edmund Dulac - 'One day he was in a high state of delight  because he had invented a mirror with  this peculiarity, that every good and  pretty thing reflected in it shrank  away to almost nothing.'

Edmund Dulac - 'The Prince, looking out, saw him snatch up  the Princess ... and soar rapidly away' from Edmund Dulac's Fairy-Book (1916)

Edmund Dulac - Illustration from Shakespeare's Comedy Of The Tempest

Edmund Dulac - Illustration from Shakespeare's ~ The Tempest (1908)

Edmund Dulac - 'The Palace of the Dragon King" from Fairy Tales of the Allied Nations

Edmund Dulac - 'Drawing his sword, he rushed at the  monster and flung himself right into  his cavernous mouth' from "Dragon's Teeth" in Tanglewood Tales (1918)

Edmund Dulac - 'So now the battle was ended ... and  all the wickedness and the ugliness that  infest life, were past and gone forever' from "The Minotaur" in Tanglewood Tales (1918)

Edmund Dulac - Psyche and Cerberus, from Gods and Mortals in Love (1935)

Edmund Dulac - Myths the Ancients Believed - Glaucus and Scylla, American Weekly cover, April 30, 1933

Edmund Dulac - On the Bat's Back, From The Tempest, 1908

Edmund Dulac - "At the mere sight of the bright liquid ...  they drew back in terror." Ilustration from "The Mermaid" 1911

Details on the life of Edmund Dulac can be viewed at Wikipedia.

See more of Dulac's art at Golden Age Comic Book Stories.

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