Saturday, April 09, 2011

Paul Lehr

Paul Lehr - Untitled 1

Paul Lehr - Astounding Science Fiction Reader,1967

Paul Lehr - Starship Warriors, paperback cover, 1984

Paul Lehr - Untitled 3

Paul Lehr - Island of Dr. Moreau, 1964, original paperback cover illustration

Paul Lehr - Untitled 2

Paul Lehr - Untitled 4

Paul Lehr - Eye Over the Desert, 1991

Paul Lehr - Science fiction book cover

Paul Lehr - Untitled 5

Paul Lehr - The War Terminal, circa 1985

Paul Lehr - Cover Illustration For John Brunner's Out Of My Mind

Paul Lehr - SF Book Cover

Paul Lehr - Tomorrow and Beyond

Paul Lehr - Prophecy Poster, 1979

A comprehensive list of Paul Lehr's cover and interior illustrations can be viewed here.


Ivan said...

Beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Funcanny said...

Fantastic - especially the one with the giant crab. It's really interesting to know the illustrators of the old sci-fi paperbacks. I love the artwork but am in complete ignorance as to the artists. I have a copy of the John Brunner book, incidentally.

Anonymous said...

Really good work.
I love your blog.
Thank you.

Take a look here.
Urania, Sci-fi books.

Squirrelius said...

Looks a bit like Bruce Pennington's work

Ashleigh said...

Hello! I work at Gallery Veriditas in New Orleans we have been given the rights to not only exhibit Paul Lehr's paintings but to most importantly exhibit some of his sculptures. The show will began on January 21, 2012 and has a 6 week run. For more information visit or email