Sunday, April 17, 2011

Joachim Luetke - Destruction (Album Cover) 1988

Destruction - Release From Agony (1988) Cover by Joachim Luetke


Jimmy Giegerich said...

Fuck, I miss the days when metal looked like this!

Anonymous said...

Yes. still love this.

peeked earlier.
loved then.

love now....


Craig Collins said...

Yep, now it looks like this:

Sigh... where's the weird gore in that?!?

Chris said...

This is indeed an awesome cover. It always reminded me of the alien bounty hunter from The Last Starfighter.

One could certainly find tons of cool monster art in metal covers. It would make a nice gallery. I nominate Sepultura's Arise.

Oc said...

The All That Remains cover clearly illustrates the result of Johnny Emo staring too long at that Destruction cover.

Poor kid.

Aeron said...

I'll be doing a big post on Metal album covers later this year, going to be a lot of insane artwork in those!

VBERKVLT said...

Not all metal covers are crap.... check out my stuff!