Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A. Paul Weber

A. Paul Weber - The RumorYou'll want to look at this image in far greater detail at this gigapan page. If anyone knows how to extract full resolution images out of gigapan, I'd love to get this one.

A. Paul Weber - The Great Paralysis

A. Paul Weber - Gibralter

A. Paul Weber - Secret Service

A. Paul Weber - Das Ende

A. Paul Weber - Backbone out!

A. Paul Weber - You must howl with the wolves

A. Paul Weber - Title Unknown 2

A. Paul Weber - Die Angst regiert, 1971

A. Paul Weber - Epidemic

A. Paul Weber - Die Erschlie├čung, 1978

A. Paul Weber - Title Unknown

The Museum of Weber's artworks can be found here.

See more of Weber's artworks in this excellent post at the fantastic blog, Yesterday's Papers.

Some of the high resolution images above were found in this flickr collection, there's a couple on there that I didn't include in this post.

Weber was previously mentioned here over four years ago.


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