Friday, March 25, 2011

Jaroslav Panuska

Jaroslav Panuška - Expressive HeadExpressive Head, 1900

Jaroslav Panuška - Spirit of the Dead Mother, 1900Spirit of the Dead Mother, 1900

Jaroslav Panuška - Death Looking into the Window of One Dying, 1900Death Looking into the Window of One Dying, 1900

Jaroslav Panuska - Carodejka

Jaroslav Panuska - VampiresVampires

Jaroslav Panuska - Mort chassé par des corbeaux

Jaroslav Panuska - Die Teufelsmühle

Jaroslav Panuska - 5

Jaroslav Panuska - 3

Jaroslav Panuska - 2

Jaroslav Panuska - 1

Jaroslav Panuska - Nix

Jaroslav Panuska - Cover for "Boží bojovníci" by Josef Svatopluk Machar,  1931 Cover for "Boží bojovníci" by Josef Svatopluk Machar, 1931. Illustrations from the book can be found here.

I am reminded of a short story involving impossibly tall figures as thin as poles. A man is walking down a street late at night and is following by one. Every time he turns to see what is behind him, the creature hides behind a telephone or lamp pole. I regret that I've lost track of the name of the author.


Anonymous said...

Well you know there's also the ear-cutting monk on Nakayama Masaaki's Seeds of Anxiety.

Unknown said...

I think the story you are remembering (which was excellent) was "The Thin People" by Brian Lumley.

Needles said...

Thanks for putting these haunting images up for us to see. I was unaware of this artist until you've brought him to my attention to your fantastic blog! Please keep on keeping on man!

Ryan Lovelock said...

Great update!
I second what Needles said, don't stop the creepy goodness!

Li-An said...

Beautiful. Never heard of him...

Sam [Also known as Harry] said...

Wow! Alberto Giacometti, you thief! These images were out when Giacometti was in diapers, and I sense an uncredited "appropriation" here. Great stuff!

Inked in Red said...

I love these, very inspiring and deeply disturbing!