Tuesday, March 15, 2011

C.J. Pyle

 C.J. Pyle - Doolittle Special,  2007

 C.J. Pyle - Don't Take Me Alive, 2009

 C.J. Pyle - Johnny Come Home, 2008

  C.J. Pyle - My coals are cold,  2007

  C.J. Pyle - Von Pleet, 2008

 C.J. Pyle - Midnight to Six, 2009

 C.J. Pyle - Flora Dora, 2008

 C.J. Pyle - Letters Don't Count, 2009

 C.J. Pyle - The Audible Strains of Clarence White, 2009

 C.J. Pyle - Le Feel Internationale, 2009

C.J. uses ballpoint pen and colored pencils drawn on old LP record sleeves to create these strange abstract portraits.

Most images above found at the Hammer Gallery page on the artist.

See more of C.J's drawings in this post at Escape Into Life.

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