Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Escape The Deranged Mind Of The VHS Box Art!!!

3 Headed Monster


Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave

Schlangen Monster

The Strangeness

Devils Sword 1

Demon of Paradise



Disciple of Death

Devils Sword

Mystics In Bali

Scream Bloody Murder

Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks

Horror House

The Blood Rose

Bat People

Terror in the Swamp

Blood Bath

Grave of the Vampire

Rollerblade Warriors

Revenge of the Radioactive Reporter

Blind Warrior

Die Wiege des Teufels


Demon Lover

Terror Gang

Demon Wind

Horror FIlm 3

Devil Master

Horror Film

Demon Of Paradise


Night Beast

Grave Of The Vampire 1


Horror Film 2


The Keep


Ok, we're up to around 100 covers and we've got another 200 to go by Saturday, that doesn't include what I'm expecting to have emailed to me by the weekend. Expect to see a lot of VHS art on here this week!

To see all 500 VHS covers, check out the posts below..

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Horror Of The Two Headed VHS Box Art From Another Dimension!!!

The Undead VHS Box Art Will Eat Your Brains!!!

Night Of The Glowing Demonic VHS Box Art From The Collection Of Jimmy Giegerich!!!

Beware! The Bionic Slime Nightmares Of The VHS Box Art!!!

Revenge Of The Mutated VHS Covers From Outer Space!!!

Attack Of The Bloodthirsty VHS Box Art From Hell!!!


Joel G. Robertson said...

Those are amazing! You really have to appreciate the artistry and showmanship that went into creating that VHS box art. It wasn't the Japanese version like the one above, but I used to have a poster for Demon Wind hanging in my "den of iniquity" aka my teenage self's bedroom! Thanks for sharing these and I'm looking forward to checking out some more.

Amy Shamey said...

Some absolute stunners! Fantastic blog!