Saturday, February 12, 2011

Final Demonic Slime Bath Of The Mutated VHS Box Art!!!

yeux lenfer (VHS Box Art)

Night of the Sorcerers (VHS Box Art)

Monstroid (VHS Box Art)

Devils Maniac (VHS Box Art)

Horrible (VHS Box Art)

legende garou (VHS Box Art)

Jour Malefique (VHS Box Art)

Vierge Nurenberg (VHS Box Art)

Hunchback Morgue (VHS Box Art)

Robot Holocaust (VHS Box Art)

Beyond The Door 2 (VHS Box Art)

Beast Of The Yellow Night (1971) (VHS Box Art)

Wavelength (VHS Box Art)

Saturn 3 (VHS Box Art)

Bloodstone, Subspecies 2 (VHS Box Art)

Ghost Keeper (VHS Box Art)

Blue Monkey (VHS Box Art)

The Thirsty Dead (VHS Box Art)

Phantom From Space (VHS Box Art)

Last House On The Left (VHS Box Art)

The Willies (VHS Box Art)

Demonen Der Nacht (VHS Box Art)

Malediction Templers (VHS Box Art)

The Visitor (VHS Box Art)

Mind Killer (VHS Box Art)

Strange Invaders (VHS Box Art)

Grotesque (VHS Box Art)

C.H.U.D. (VHS Box Art)

C.H.U.D. (VHS Box Art)

C.H.U.D. (VHS Box Art)

C.h.u.d. 2 (VHS box cover)

C.H.U.D. 2 (VHS Box Art)

Rana (VHS Box Art)

X-Tro 3 (VHS Box Art)

Troll (VHS Box Art)

Troll (VHS Box Art)

Troll (cover 3) (VHS Box Art)

Troll 2 (VHS Box Art)

The Demon Lover (VHS Box Art)

Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity (VHS Box Art)

Parasite (VHS Box Art)

Cat's Eye (VHS Box Art)

Demons (VHS Box Art)

The Pit (VHS Box Art)

Garden of the Dead (VHS Box Art)

Terror Vision (VHS box cover)

Evil Ed (VHS Box Art)

Deathstalker (VHS Box Art)

Reptilicus (VHS Box Art)

Death Ship (VHS Box Art)

This concludes two weeks of over 500 VHS covers! Some you've seen before, many more I'm sure you've not. I was a child in the eighties and video stores were my introduction to the kind of artwork that I've devoted my life to. I spent a lot of time looking at all the insane box art in the horror and science fiction sections in what was then called Stop One Video. Seeing many of these covers again, they're just as incredible and fantastic as I remember them. It's sad to see the sort of artwork that passes for the covers of dvds and blue ray discs these days. I suppose isolated heads against black backgrounds is all film companies want to use to introduce their films to their audience anymore.

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I'd like to give a shout out to the best video store I've ever been to and one that I'm sure carries at least 95 percent of the films I've shared here. The last time I was there they had a framed Equinox poster that I regret not buying..

Plan 9 Film Emporium in Bloomington Indiana
I just realized the store has its own Wikipedia page. And a picture of zombies walking past the store's old location.

Many of the covers found thanks to the following sites...

The Cinehound Forum

Lastly, I'd like to thank Jimmy Geigerich for scanning video covers from his personal collection to share on here, thanks Jimmy!


ryan p said...

These past couple of VHS box posts are incredible! I love this site!

Gustavo said...

I'm trying to remember the name of a film... the cover had a baby with a knife on the neck... I think the head was twisted... I remember running away 1st time I saw it! (I was 9 or 10... so... 20 years ago) thanks!

Grim Blogger said...

What a lineup! My only regret is that a lot of the cover art is far more haunting and strange than the films inside.

Pablo Larreta said...

Great covers, nice work!! this gets me inspired :D

Yung Spanklord I said...

wow, this is such a great site! thank you so much for sharing all of this great artwork!

Anonymous said...

Gustavo...might it have been for the film Holy Terror? The poster art shows a doll with its neck twisted and a knife plunged in its back. Quite gruesome.

Skarsnik said...

Such memories this brings :) Thanks alot for giving me a nostalgic moment this chilling sunday :)

Anonymous said...

there's a beyond the door 2 !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

thespiderking said...

first off, your blog is fantastic. never left a comment before, but after seeing these vhs, i had to. i still have my copy of saturn 3 from childhood. thanks for the trip down memory lane

Dr. Theda said...

Several films from the early 80's Saturn 3 even with Farrah Faucett's poor acting skills I liked the movie "Hector" was great.... I think the "Xtro" is actually "Xtro 2"... that was the one with military... ( There was the "Plastic army man" who went after the old lady who killed the boy's pet snake) Great Post..