Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Terra (German Science Fiction Magazine)

Terra 25

Terra 166

Terra 528

Terra 343

Terra 158

Terra 508

Terra 453

Terra  92

Terra 216

Terra 191

Terra 513

Terra 200

Terra 131

Terra Extra 56

Terra 130

Terra 273

Terra 207

Terra 163

Terra 344

Terra 39

Terra Extra. 159

Terra 415

Terra 105

Terra 06

Terra 29

Terra 413

Terra 177

Terra 351

Terra Sonderband 98

Terra 223

Terra 195

Terra 172

Terra 115

Terra Extra 08

Terra 280

Terra Sonderreihe 102

"Terra is the name of a science fiction series published by Arthur Moewig Verlag, Munich. The Terra series were the most important science fiction work in the early years of West Germany." - quote source

Concerning the title... "Many science fiction authors have used the term Terra to refer to the planet Earth." - quote source

These are the more monster centric covers from the 500 some Terra covers posted by Micky The Pixel here.


 Damon Orrell said...

Those are awesome :)

Al said...

Fantastic, thanks :)

Stefan Poag said...

My god... I can't believe how great these are.

Linda Lu said...

hahaha, I love all the strange creatures in these illustrations. They make me laugh.

blacktooth said...

This stuff is unreal. Just sooo many awesome images. Even the ones that aren't rendered so well are still fascinating. Great post!

Nick the Hat said...

Awesome collection of covers!