Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dark Rides From Hell And Beyond!


KW said...

thanks for sharing! i worry someday these won't exist because of the un-polical-correctness of them.

Unknown said...

Love the blog, but the 25 giant pictures per page? OUCH. Please use thumbnails, break the images across pages, something!

Aeron said...

KW, I agree. When I do find pictures of these places they're more likely to be in disrepair or abandoned than otherwise.

Robert, unfortunately this site doesn't work well with dial up. The front page will end up with 100 some images by tomorrow, but that is the exception for this site. I usually try to average 20 - 30 images per week of posts.

I would love to have a more streamlined version of Monster Brains that functions similar to perhaps in time.