Saturday, October 31, 2009

Behold! Dark Rides, Hell Houses, Devil Domains, Haunted Manors, Monster Mazes and Ghost Rides!

Happy Halloween!


Wes said...

The eighth one down (yellow background)has a ripoff of the main zombie from one of my Mortician covers...killer.

Aeron said...

What an awesome place to find someone copying your art.

Email me some art and any related links to post on here, Wes. I am always blown away by the illustrations of yours that I find in Spectrum.

KW said...

the last one makes me sad. it's all half torn down. it would make a great horror movie set though.

Ryan said...

Yes yes, where is that last one, if anyone knows?

Oh, Aeron, Monster Brains is in the Guardian's Saturday magazine this week, in its Top Five Websites of the Week sort-of-thing section. Good news?