Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Space Monsters From Tokyo Scum Brigade

Check out the original post at Tokyo Scum Brigade where they have scanned some amazing illustrations of space monsters. The third image down includes a creature that is obviously the spider bat alien abomination from Angry Red Planet.

Found thanks to Ryan Sands of Same Hat!


Scythemantis said...

Yeah, the Spider bat's there, but you neglect to point out the Amoeba as well! It's pushed into the background of the "Angry Red Planet" art but bigger in the Japanese pic, I'm fond of both monsters :)

buzz said...

Top illo, lower right corner panel, fleeing spacemen: That's a swipe from a 1950s American sci-fi cover -- I think Alex Schomburg but will not bet the heart transplant money on it.

2nd from top illo, far right panel -- definitely a Schomburg swipe from a late 50s/early 60s AMAZING STORIES.

3rd illo, first small panel on left is a swipe from ANALOG of one of James White's "Cities in Flight" stories. Also, don't the one eyed critters in the panel with the bat-rat-spider from ANGRY RED PLANET look familiar, like maybe Wilt Chamberlain wearing Charlie Gemora's martian costume from WAR OF THE WORLDS?

I don't know who this Japanese artist is, but what he lacks in originality he more than makes up for with a prodigious swipe file!

Thanx for making this such a cool website.

voidmare said...

Good eyes, guys!

Swipe might be a bit harsh though, because the book I got these from is an illustrated encyclopedia of space monsters from movies, stories and comic books. Everything in the book is from something else! How many more can you guys place?

KW said...

this was a great post, sir