Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prints and Drawings of Saint Margaret and the Dragon
Drawing attributed to Denis Calvart, 1589. (Pen and brown ink, with grey-brown wash, heightened with white (oxidised), over black chalk)

Etching/Engraving by Fran├žois Chauveau, after Nicolas Poussin, 1628-1676.

Etching by Marcantonio, after Francesco Francia, 1500-1510.

Michiel Snyders, engraving, 1613. Illustration to page 91 of Aubert le Mire's "Sanctorum Principum ... Imagines"

Israhel van Meckenem, engraving, 1465-1500.

Lucas van Leyden, woodcut, 1517 (circa).

Engraving after After Marcantonio, 1500-1527.

Etching/Engraving after Raphael and Giulio Romano, 1600-1700.

Etching/Engraving by Louis Surugue after Raphael and Giulio Romano, 1729-1740. I know that I've posted a painting of this work before, I'm not sure what I labeled it as though. Dig through the Monster Brains archives and you'll find it.

Etching made by Joseph Eissner after Raphael, 1821-1828.

Etching made by Jan van Troyen, after Raphael, 1660.

All artworks found at The British Museum.

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