Sunday, January 18, 2009

Heinrich Aldegrever - The Devil Leads A Soul To Hell, 1554

From series of prints titled "Die Geschichte vom Reichen und dem armen Lazarus."

update - Artist name corrected by Paul Rumsey.


Anonymous said...

The artist is Heinrich Aldegrever, you posted this picture before - 8/18/2008, but this one is a better repro. I love those huge nipples!
Paul Rumsey.

Aeron said...

Ha, I was just wondering about the artist name last night when glancing again at the artist initials. I lost track of the source, some online collection of a museum, but I copied the artist name from there, so stangely enough a museum site got the name wrong on this one.

And coming up on 3 years worth of posts I am unfortunately reaching that point where double posts will likely become more common. Particularly with illuminated manuscript imagery as much of that is by unknown artists. And can be difficult to check across over one thousand posts on here to see if its been posted before. But I will do my best to avoid that. When I find higher resolution images of works posted before I will be sure to add those here.

Anyway, thanks for the help, Paul!