Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ernst Constantin - Im Zauberlande (In Charmland) 1891.

The entire book can be viewed in this menu at the Opal website, a fantastic collection of old strange books introduced to me by Paul K of BibliOdyssey. Thanks Paul!


TheMikeHoffman said...


Why have I never heard o' this before?

peacay said...

At least one of those images comes from an earlier source (Figuier - 'The World Before the Deluge').

Anonymous said...

Yes, the battle between the Ichthyosauus and the Plesiosaurus is a crude copy in reverse of the illustration in Figuier's "The World Before the Deluge". The head of the Plesiosaurus is larger in the Charmland version - and are those flames coming out of its mouth?
I have an old copy of the Figuier published by Cassell, the illustrations of "ideal landscapes" are my favourite dinosaur pictures because they are so strange and dreamlike.
Paul Rumsey.