Tuesday, August 19, 2008

John Hamilton Mortimer - pen and ink drawings dated between 1760 - 1779
"Griffin striding over skeleton of a lamb."

"Studies including four heads of monsters; three monstrous heads, a human head at right, and half-length figure seen from behind wearing hat with plume."

"Demon Orchestra; concert of grotesque demons, including one playing a drum, another playing a bone flute."

"Dying female monster with curling tail, long hair, webbed hands and the chest of a woman reclining on rocks."

"Revengeful monsters with long hair grappling with a sea monster."

"Successful Monster; a sea monster embraced by a nymph, to the rage of his rival."

"Man struggling with monster."

"Sleepy monsters."

"Enrag'd Monster; triton strangling a sea serpent, with studies of heads."

Drawings found at the British Museum.


Anonymous said...

These are great! Very Goya. Based on the time I'd assume Mortimer was an influence.

Aeron said...

I'm curious if any of these drawings later became paintings.