Monday, July 28, 2008

Virgil Solis - OVID'S METAMORPHOSIS, 1581

"Virgil Solis or Virgilius Solis (Nuremberg 1514 — 1 August 1562), a member of a prolific family of artists, was a German draughtsman and printmaker in engraving, etching and woodcut who worked in Nuremberg. His prints were sold separately or formed the illustrations of books; many prints signed by him are probably by assistants. After his death his widow married his assistant and continued the workshop into the early seventeenth century.

His woodcuts illustrating Ovid were especially influential, though partly borrowing from earlier illustrations by the French artist Bernard Salomon. They were reprinted and copied in many different editions, in Latin and translations into various languages; the Ovid from which the illustration at left has been taken was printed at Frankfort in 1581. Jost Amman was an assistant of his before starting his own workshop." - quote from wikipedia.

The entire 183 illustrations from this edition of Ovid's Metamorphoses can be viewed in this online collection.

This collection was suggested to me by Fufu Frauenwahl, be sure to visit his amazing art site here.

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