Thursday, June 05, 2008

Matt Furie New Stuff

It's been almost two years since I last mentioned Matt's art on here and he has been busy in that time making some of the most insane Punky Brewster meets Hieronymus Bosch meets Goya meets He-Man meets the weird snake bear from Never Ending Story meets.. Freddy Kruger and two werewolves rubbing buts together.. heheh.. imagery.. I've ever seen. I'm so glad to have him on board a comic book that I'm doing a few pages for.

Check out his site to see more art.

There's a big collection of new work from Furie at Giant Robot.


SEAN said...

Cool stuff too. What's weird is that i drew a barfing Skeletor just a bit ago, must be something in the wind. What the hell?

Aeron said...

you must have caught the barfing Skeletor flu, careful that it doesn't turn into the barfing Hordak flu, I hear that one is worse!

Mostyn said...

love his stuff alot.