Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kazuo Umezu / Junji Ito

Thanks to those who voted in the recent poll regarding future weeklong subjects. Monsters in horror manga will be the next that I focus on and should happen sometime in July. Here's a few works from Umezu and one by Junji Ito until then..

edit - I've been talking with Ryan Sands of Samehat!Samehat! who I'm going to have help collaborate with me on the Monster Manga artworks. There's so much material I want to put into this post that I think I'm going to spread it across an entire month. So sometime late Summer expect to see 4 weeks worth of Manga Monsters spanning dozens of incredible Japanese manga artists.


Anonymous said...

I would seriously suggest everyone checks out this online album of Ito's 'Uzumaki' its amazing:

Unknown said...

Yes, yes.
Uzumaki is a great manga.
I would love to see some more of Japan's horror manga.